REAL Solutions: We sell, install and service products and systems that prevent residential basements from getting flooded.


RAYMAR MODEL #FF-360EP-00: Our patented “Basement Flash-Flood Control System” are your best insurance against basement flooding caused by storm water back-ups flowing out of floor drains, shower stalls, bathtubs or toilets during a severe thunderstorms. Our system uses a very high capacity double ejector pumps that are mounted in series and independently wired and piped. Both ejector pumps have a total pumping capacity of 360 gallons per minute. (Note: A typical sump pump has a pumping capacity of only 40 gallons per minute.) Our systems is fully automatic and designed to be virtually maintenance free. 

RAYMAR MODEL #SC-360EP-00: Basement Seepage Control systems. Upgrade your existing low capacity sump pump system to our high capacity double ejector pump system.

RAYMAR MODEL #SC-3500FA: 12vdc battery operated back-up sump pump system designed to support your existing 115vac main sump pump.

SUMPRO MODEL #75: The ultimate, fully automatic emergency power source when 120vac power fails. 1/2 hp max load.

REPLACEMENT BATTERIES, maintenance free, deep cycle, group 31,12vdc, 125 amp-hrs. (1) Req’d for RAYMAR MODEL #SC-3500FA, and (2) Req’d for SUMPRO MODEL #75.

REPLACEMENT SUMP PUMP #V-A1,cast iron, vertical switch, 1 1/2" discharge, 1/3 hp, 38 gpm @10' hd.     

REPLACEMENT  EJECTOR PUMP #SKV50, cast iron, diaphragm switch, 2" discharge, 1/2 hp, 180 gpm @ 10' hd.

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